Annual reports

Here is our latest Hibbs Lupus Trust annual trustees' report and accounts, as well as reports from previous years.

Our annual reports give an overview of our yearly achievements and a summary of how we’ve raised and spent our money.

Trustees' Annual Report 2019 - [PDF 208kb]

Financial Report 2019 - [PDF 25kb]

Financial Report 2018 - [PDF 240kb]

Financial Report 2017 - [PDF 244kb]

Trustees' Annual Report 2016 - [PDF 533kb]

Financial Report 2016 - [PDF 22kb]

Financial Report 2015 [PDF 20kb]

Trustees' Annual Report 2014 [PDF 149kb]

Financial Report 2014 [PDF 86kb]

Trustees' Annual Report 2013 [PDF 146kb]

Financial Report 2013 [PDF 115kb]

The Hibbs Lupus Trust