Empowering Lupus Warriors: Setting Boundaries for a Healthy Festive Season

Friends smiling at each other hold hot chocolate at Christmas.

The festive season, synonymous with joy, unity, and celebration, can present unique challenges for individuals battling lupus. At The Hibbs Lupus Trust, we’re committed to enabling our lupus community to confidently manage their well-being during the holiday period. A fundamental aspect of this is the establishment of boundaries – an empowering strategy for navigating social interactions while safeguarding your health. In this blog post, we delve into the importance of boundaries for those with lupus and provide examples of how to effectively communicate them.

Embracing the Importance of Boundaries:
Living with lupus necessitates a careful equilibrium for both physical and emotional health. The festive season can add further stressors, such as shifts in routine, social commitments, and potential triggers. Establishing boundaries empowers lupus warriors to voice their needs, manage their energy reserves, and make self-care a priority.

How to Voice Your Boundaries:

Articulate Your Needs Assertively:
“Thank you for the invite, but I need to focus on rest this week.”
“Could we arrange a smaller gathering to ensure I can engage without exhausting myself?”
Institute Time Constraints:
“I’d be delighted to join for an hour, but I must leave early to ensure adequate rest.”
“Could we arrange for a brunch or afternoon meet-up instead of a late-night gathering?”
Select the Optimal Environment:
“Could we celebrate in a quieter location to minimise noise and stimulation?”
“Would an outdoor gathering be feasible, as it might be more comfortable for me?”
Be Frank About Your Limitations:
“I may need to take periodic breaks during our gathering, and I trust you’ll understand.”
“Certain foods can exacerbate my symptoms; I’ll bring my own to stay on track.”
Seek Assistance When Required:
“Would you be able to assist or support my early departure, if necessary?”
“Having a dedicated rest spot or comfortable seating would greatly benefit me.”
Make Rest a Priority:
“I’ve learned the importance of rest, so I’ll need to politely decline some invites to avoid exhaustion.”
“Could we arrange some calm activities that enable me to relax and rejuvenate?”
Establish Realistic Expectations:
“I’m eager to relish the holiday season, but I may need to limit my commitments to manage my health.”
“Let’s keep our plans adaptable, knowing my health is paramount.”

As the festive season approaches, it’s vital for lupus warriors to harness the power of boundary-setting. By openly and honestly expressing your needs, you enable yourself to relish the holidays whilst prioritising your health. The Hibbs Lupus Trust champions our community to embrace self-care, make informed decisions, and revel in the season in a manner that complements your well-being. Remember, setting boundaries is an act of self-respect and a crucial step on your path towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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