Signed Gazza Painting Auction

Paul Gazza Gascoigne lupus

Paul Gazza Gascoigne - The Hibbs Lupus TrustSigned portrait – auction for The Hibbs Lupus Trust.

Paul Gascoigne – “I love the painting. Great work. I hope it makes a load of money!”.

The artist Wendy Mallas has produced another stunning painting that will be auctioned on this site to raise money for The Hibbs Lupus Trust.

“Wendy Mallas is a portrait artist from Stockport who donates her paintings to charity for auction. After spending many years as an Illustrator and Heraldic Artist, she now concentrates her time painting portraits in acrylic on canvas to raise money for various causes.” –

I would like to thank Paul Gascoigne and Wendy Mallas for their time and work in giving me this unbelievable opportunity to raise awareness and funds for The Hibbs Lupus Trust.

The signed painting is acrylic on canvas – 60cm x 80cm.

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