How do you deal with fatigue?

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To those familiar with fatigue, the idea that it’s simply ‘feeling a bit tired’ is something of an understatement. The extreme exhaustion that characterises fatigue is particularly common in lupus.

Do you ever face extreme fatigue? How do you cope?

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  1. Kim Seal on February 27, 2020 at 19:19

    Levels of fatigue differ. There have been times when I’ve just gone down to simply managing to breath. No strength to speak, to hold my head up or sit up. Mentally you cant take anything in and things can feel disorientated. Everything feels so heavy especially the head. Sometimes it feels like the neck wont support it. You need help to sit up help to walk if you can, help to use the toilet on extreme days. Everything looks like a huge mountain to climb, even the simplest tasks can wear you out. You have no clue when the energy you have will go, and it vanishes fast. I can physically crash at any point and will need to lay down. We often leave activities early, sometimes its stopped us attempting activity. Everything we do is planned around the scenario of my body crashing fast and what needs to be in place to make the activity or day run smoothly. It’s all about the fatigue it dominates everything, life style, sports, exercise, activities, hobbies, days out, food and more importantly relationships, friendships, work and mental health . Fatigue impacts it all.

  2. JODI on June 20, 2020 at 23:10

    My Fatigue literally takes my breathe away. I feel to exhausted to breath, eat and move. It’s the 1 Lupus symptom that affects every part of my life everyday.
    I rest as much as I possibly can. I also have high energy foods at hand to try and give me a boost. Regular naps and 6 small meals a day help me. The biggest thing that helps me is knowing that tomorrow may be a better day

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