LUPUS to LUPUS Virtual Challenge

Lupus Street - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

Cycle, run, walk or skip your way to 200 virtual miles which is the distance between Lupus Way in Ellesmere Port and Lupus Street in London!

Given the statistic that Lupus Way in Ellesmere Port and Lupus Street in London are separated by 200 miles, we’re challenging each person to complete a total of 200 miles within a three-month period. That works out at 2.2 miles a day over three months.

Back in 2012 our founder John came up with the Lupus to Lupus challenge and cycled the route, completing the 200 miles in a single day, 19 hours to be precise! Now we are making this iconic journey a virtual challenge!

You could virtually team up with friends or family and split out the miles over a shorter period. You can track your miles each day using a smart watch or your phone.

If you’d like to decrease the distance and set a lower target, that’s completely up to you. Your could aim to complete 200 km or even just 200 minutes. We want everyone to have the opportunity to get involved and make a difference to the lives of people living with lupus.

Why you should join our challenge

  • This challenge is a great way to keep motivated to stay active during the lockdown, by helping you strive for a consistent daily exercise target
  • Help us beat lupus – the money you raise from this challenge will help support people affected by lupus.

Date: Register and complete your miles within 90 days. 

Location: UK 

Entry fee: £10. All participants receive a Hibbs Lupus Trust wooden medal in recognition of their efforts. 

Contact details: or 0800 633 5118 

How it works

  • We’d encourage each person taking part to raise some money for The Hibbs Lupus Trust.
  • However you complete your distance is up to you – walk, run, cycle, or skip your way to the distance! There’s lots of ways to keep active whilst at home too, such as mowing the lawn, hoovering, skipping and stair climbing – get the kids involved too! Need more inspiration? Check out some free fitness ideas from the NHS.
  • You can virtually team up with friends or family and split out the miles over a shorter period, such as a month.
  • Track your miles using your phone or smart watch.
  • Each person is responsible for tracking their own miles.
  • Make sure you follow government advice around social distancing concerning COVID-19.
Lupus to Lupus - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

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