Join us and take on our LUPUS to LUPUS challenge!

Join the journey from Lupus Way in Ellesmere Port to Lupus Street in London! Whether you cycle, run, or walk, cover 200 miles to stand in solidarity with those affected by lupus. You can make a difference!

Lupus to Lupus

Drawing inspiration from the 200 miles that separate Lupus Way in Ellesmere Port and Lupus Street in London, we invite you to undertake our 'LUPUS to LUPUS' challenge. We ask you to cover a total of 200 miles within three months, amounting to a manageable daily distance of 2.2 miles.

In 2012, our founder John not only conceived this challenge but also cycled the entire 200 miles in a remarkable 19 hours. Now, we've transformed his physical journey into a virtual one, allowing everyone to be a part of this iconic endeavour.

Form a virtual group with your friends or family and divide the miles amongst yourselves to finish quicker. Use a smartwatch or your phone to track your daily progress.

We understand that everyone's capabilities are different. That's why we encourage you to set your own pace. You can choose a lower target, such as 200 km or even just 200 minutes. We believe in inclusivity and want everyone to have the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling lupus.

Why should you accept our challenge?

- It's an excellent motivator to stay active by setting a consistent daily exercise goal.
- Your participation will help us combat lupus. The funds raised from this challenge will directly support those affected by the disease.

Join the 'LUPUS to LUPUS' challenge today and become part of our mission to change lives.

Event information

Date: Register and complete your miles within 90 days.
Location: UK
FREE Entry: All participants receive a Hibbs Lupus t-shirt and Trust wooden medal in recognition of their efforts.
Contact details: 

How it works

  • We’d encourage each person taking part to raise some money for The Hibbs Lupus Trust.
  • However you complete your distance is up to you – walk, run, cycle, or skip your way to the distance! There’s lots of ways to keep active whilst at home too, such as mowing the lawn, hoovering, skipping and stair climbing – get the kids involved too! Need more inspiration? Check out some free fitness ideas from the NHS.
  • You can team up with friends or family and split out the miles over a shorter period, such as a month.
  • Track your miles using your phone or smart watch.
  • Each person is responsible for tracking their own miles.

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Every participant recieves a Hibbs Lupus Trust t-shirt & wooden medal in recognition of their support!