Prescription Charges Coalition – Campaign Feature

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The Hibbs Lupus Trust is a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition, calling on the government to scrap unfair prescription charges for people living with lupus.

Our campaign features on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 24 February 8pm as Joanna, who has a liver condition, investigates the outdated system. 
As a child Joanna’s prescriptions were free but, since turning 19, she’s had to pay, and she just can’t afford them. She’s baffled that she and thousands of others like her – with long-term conditions like chronic asthma, Parkinson’s and Crohn’s Disease – have to pay for their prescriptions, while those with conditions like Type-1 diabetes don’t pay a penny. If she lived in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland she and everyone else would get their prescriptions for free.

So why is the system so unfair in England? Wouldn’t free prescriptions for all – so people don’t ration their life-saving medications – protect people’s health and save the NHS money in the long-run?

Tune in to My name is Joanna to find out more…

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