Race to the Stones 2014

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Race to the Stones

Take on the epic challenge of 100km on foot along the oldest path in Britain. 19th and 20th July 2014.

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The Race to the Stones is a fully supported 100km route following in the footsteps of Romans, Vikings, farmers and traders along the iconic Ridgeway. You will pass Iron Age forts, ancient burial chambers, cross the mighty Thames and the mystical down-lands of Salisbury plain on your way to the finish line at the 3,000-year-old stone circle at Avebury.

Run it non-stop, or walk it over 2 days

You can choose to complete the 100km non-stop or break it into two days staying at our overnight base camp. You can also choose to enter as a team or on your own. It’s suitable for elite runners through to keen walkers so check out the site and step up for 2014.

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What’s Included

When you are on a Threshold event we don’t want you to worry about a thing. From exceptional medical support to proper food and a welcoming base camp at half way we have it covered

Before the event we focus on getting you kitted out, confident and in the best shape possible

  • Training Guides
  • Kit guides and someone to answer all the worrying questions

During the Race to the Stones we look after everything so you just need to concentrate on enjoying the view:

  • Fully signed route taking in some of the most stunning and historical scenery in Britain
  • Pit Stops approximately every 10km (6 miles) with quality food, drinks and medical support
  • Bag transport to the finish for all participants
  • Map book with information about the climbs, descents, distances, views and landmarks
  • Foot health experts along the course to help tend and dress sore feet
  • A large basecamp at 50km where those staying overnight get a hot meal
  • Loos along the way
  • Event timing
  • A well earned finisher’s medal
  • Some surprises along the way to keep you going when the going gets tough

If you choose the 2 day option and want to stay with us overnight we also sort you out with a home away from home to relax and refresh for the next 50km.

  • Proper hot dinner
  • Tented accommodation including camping mat
  • Steaming hot showers (trust us, they aren’t a little trickle!)
  • Clean loos
  • Stretching classes and physio guides
  • FREE massage to sort out any aches and pains before day two
  • Local beer and ale bars
  • Some light entertainment for those who aren’t too sleepy
  • A hearty breakfast to get you ready for the remaining 50km

After the event we also make sure you and your friends have something to remember the event by:

  • Finishers medal
  • Professional photos of you and your team
  • Event Videos

And one final thing… The Threshold crew

All of the above is key to making a great event, but there is also one other thing which you have to experience for yourself: the Threshold crew. Unlike some events we don’t rely on an army of unpaid volunteers or favours from friends of friends of friends. All the key crew members are full time Threshold staff who spend the year building up to the event day. We live and work all year for the reaction of you guys taking part.

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The Packages

You can choose from a variety of entry options when you sign up to Race to the Stones. You can choose to enter as a team or on your own. You can complete the 100km non-stop or break it into 2 days. You can even choose to stay in the fully serviced base camp with us if you do the 2 day option. Work out what suits you and your friends best, sign up and then get training! Due to restrictions on base camp locations you will see the event is split into 48km and 52km legs, but for those looking to do one 50km leg then there is an extra section on day 1.

Race To The Stones non-stop

  • 100km: Chinnor to Avebury
  • Saturday, 19th July

Race To The Stones 2 day including overnight camping

  • Day 1: 48km Chinnor to Compton
  • Day 2: 52km Compton to Avebury
  • Saturday, 19th July and Sunday, 20th July

Race To The Stones 2 day excluding overnight camping

  • Day 1: 48km Chinnor to Compton
  • Day 2: 52km Compton to Avebury
  • Saturday, 19th July and Sunday, 20th July

Race To The Stones single day

  • Day 1: 50km Chinnor to Compton – Saturday, 19th July
  • Day 2: 52km Compton to Avebury – Sunday, 20th July

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Race to the Stones Route - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

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