Trust Donates Vital Signs Monitor

Vital Signs Monitor - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

We are delighted to announce that The Hibbs Lupus Trust has donated a state of the art vital signs monitor to the Community Rheumatology Team at Cannock Hospital.

CARESCAPE V100 vital signs monitor - The Hibbs Lupus Trust The vital signs monitor was a desperately needed piece of equipment and will be used to observe all patients attending the department for joint injections (steroid) pre and post procedures. It will also play a key part in a patient’s drug therapy when recording their blood pressure and pulse on each visit, as changes in these readings may result in changes to a patient’s medication and dosage.

Community Rheumatology Sister, Jackie McPeak, said “On behalf of the Community Rheumatology Nursing Team here at Cannock Chase Hospital, I wanted to say a massive thank you for the very generous gift you have kindly donated to us. The monitor will be used on a daily basis in our very busy local hospital rheumatology department helping us to provide the best quality of care to all of our patients.”

The Hibbs Lupus Trust would like to thank all of our supporters who have enabled us to make this donation.


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