Twitter Hashtag Donation Service

Hashtag Donate - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

Twitter users can now donate to The Hibbs Lupus Trust by tweeting us using a hashtag and the amount they wish to give.

#Donate is a new social payment platform system created by retail technology company #Pay, which links together a user’s Twitter and PayPal accounts so that money can be sent via the social media site.

We have created a fixed £5 donation hashtag #DonateLUPUS and also a variable amount hashtag #DonateForLupus.

Example tweets: @HibbsLupusTrust #DonateLUPUS or @HibbsLupusTrust #DonateForLupus + Amount (eg. £10)

Users will then receive a thank you tweet from us, which they will be asked to retweet in order to confirm the donation.

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Discover how we provide assistance and care for individuals managing life with lupus.

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