Viki Hibbs - The Hibbs Lupus Trust

Viki Hibbs

Founder & Trustee
Meet Viki, a resilient individual who was diagnosed with lupus in 2008 at the tender age of 25. Instead of letting lupus defeat her, she has chosen to conquer it.

With unwavering determination, Viki diligently manages her illness through medication and regular visits to Cannock Hospital, showing remarkable strength in the face of adversity. However, her journey doesn't stop there.

Inspirational and entrepreneurial, Viki has established her own beauty business in Hednesford since her diagnosis. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines as a beacon of hope for others battling lupus, proving that life can still be vibrant and fulfilling.

Viki is more than just a survivor; she is a compassionate leader. She takes charge of support meetings, guiding fellow patients with her firsthand knowledge and empathetic approach. She warmly opens her heart and shares her experiences, offering a comforting hand to those navigating the challenges of lupus.

Viki's story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and community support in the face of chronic illness. She stands as an inspiration for everyone, demonstrating that life can flourish even amidst adversity. Join Viki and The Hibbs Lupus Trust in their mission to make a difference and support those affected by lupus.