What does lupus look like?

The Hibbs Lupus Trust

Lupus looks like the inside of a clinic room as you reel off your latest list of symptoms to your doctor.

Lupus looks like ‘another’ blood test.

Lupus looks like a delicate hug from a friend who’s noticed that you’re not quite looking yourself today.

Lupus looks like a rash on your face that you’ve covered with the strongest concealer you can find.

Lupus looks like a rash on your face that you didn’t need to cover with concealer today.

Lupus looks like ordering a walking stick that’s covered in sparkles, because if you have to use it has to have sass.

Lupus looks like a mum wishing she could just be like ‘all the other mums’.

Lupus looks like a mum playing with her kids and reading them bedtime stories just like ‘all the other mums’.

Lupus looks like taking time off work for another appointment.

Lupus looks like work colleagues making you coffee because they can see you’re struggling.

Lupus looks like running late for everything.

Lupus looks like just going for a run.

Lupus looks like a google search asking ‘what is remission’.

Lupus looks like lipstick and high heels and dancing until midnight.

Lupus looks like making plans and cancelling them.

Lupus looks like not making plans but spontaneously making the most of a good day and turning up anyway.

Lupus looks like test results that show no sign of disease activity.

Lupus looks like a selfie tagged #nofilter even though you’ve used them all.

It looks like something and nothing all at once. It looks like feeling ok one day and falling apart the next.

It looks like asking questions and sharing answers. It looks like knowing your limits but doing it anyway. (Don’t tell my doc I said that!)

Lupus looks just like me.

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